The Modern Meditation School

Enrollment is currently suspended for our weekly Meditation Class.  New classes will be posted later this summer.

You know there is something more to life.

You just need some guidance to get there.

  • Do you struggle with anxiety or depression?
  • Are you searching for a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment?
  • Are you ready to remember what bliss feels like?
  • Do you want to live your most meaningful and authentic life?
  • Want to learn to calm your nervous system and shift your mindset whenever you choose?

Our Modern Meditation School combines our 40 years of experience blending meditation and energy healing practices to

profoundly transform your life. 

Whether you are completely new to meditation, or you want to learn how to deepen your practice, The Modern Meditation School can help you find the key to self-liberation!

It’s more than mindfulness.
It’s goes beyond transcendental meditation


You will learn to expand your consciousness while staying grounded in your body – thus giving you the unique ability to live your most expansive, empowered, fulfilled life as you are, where you are





Profound transformation through our unique Awareness Meditation.

Our goal is to provide you with a safe space to rediscover the you that has always been there – perfect, whole, and vital.  To fully embody the life force that flows through you and awareness of how this connects you with all of life.  You will find peace, confidence, and joy accompanied by the tools you need to implement the practice in your daily life – the key to living well.

Join our community of like-minded people on this journey
and take a deep dive into the essence of life! 



  • experiential learning
  • interactive guidance
  • Q&A


  • connect with like-minded seekers
  • share your journey in private group
  • collaborate and deepen your experience


We will do Dzogchen Awareness Meditation together the first half hour, and then spend the second half hour doing other meditations and skillful means for expanding our subtle body energies to be more grounded, empowered, and spiritually connected. 

Enrollment is currently paused.  Watch for new dates later this summer.


When you click “I’d like to enroll now [date]” you’ll be taken to our checkout page.  There you will have an opportunity to name your price.  Pay as little as $5 if that helps you be able to attend. If you want to pay more, please pay no more than $15 per meditation session.

Once you make a donation, you will be sent a link for that specific date. You pay as you go; each class will have a different Zoom link. A recording will be made available later to those who came.

NOTE:  Each session will have different content, so this is your opportunity to attend weekly classes but pay only for those you know you will be able to attend.


Dr. Jan Nicholson and Mariel Booth, a mother-daughter team and co-founders of The Modern Meditation School, are coaches, wellness providers, and experienced meditation mentors who have seen first hand the incredible transformations and spiritual breakthroughs that are possible with Awareness Meditation.   

With their combined 40 years of meditation experience, Dr. Jan and Mariel have created a convenient and nurturing online learning environment that can meet their students where they are, as they are. 

Anyone desiring one-on-one coaching with either Dr. Jan or Mariel at any point during the course can arrange to do so for an additional fee.

Mariel Booth

Meditation Mentor, Certified Integrative Health + Wellness Coach, Children’s Nutrition Specialist, Writer, Mom. 

For a long time, I had a successful career and lived a life that looked great on paper. In reality, I knew I was on the wrong path and found myself increasingly sidelined by major clinical depression and chronic anxiety. When I finally hit a wall and my life fell apart, I was determined to find healing and to lead a more authentic life. I started asking myself the hard questions: Why am I here? What is my purpose?   Is existing really all there is to living?

Through what now seems like divine providence, I found Awareness Meditation and a spiritual mentor, Dr.Rudy Bauer, the director of the Washington Center for Consciousness Studies. Through this practice I was finally able to clear my emotional baggage and learned how to tap into joy, profound peace, and access perspective whenever I need or want to. It is not an overstatement to say this completely and fundamentally changed my life.

Now that I have this knowledge, I can’t wait to pass it on to others and help mentor them on their own journey to healing, empowerment, and connection! More joy, please! 

Dr. Jan Nicholson

Clinical Psychologist, Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor,
Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider

Thanks to my father’s chronic pain, illness and depression that began with a massive heart attack when I was 8 years old, I developed a life-long passion to learn everything I could about psychology and mind-body healing therapies.  

I also became a spiritual seeker, inspired by a near-drowning experience at an early age. I found the answers I sought when I began studying with Dr. Rudy Bauer at the Washington Center for Consciousness Studies in 1990. He showed me how to purposefully enter into infinite, timeless awareness and how to live from that place.

Today, it is my passion to share this knowledge and Awareness Meditation with you, showing you how to access your essential nature, awaken spiritually, and open to your  most meaningful and liberated life. I am excited to go on this journey with you! 

What Our Students Say

The online meditation school is phenomenal! Dr. Jan and Mariel have a lot of useful information and practices to share, and it really works. I’m amazed by how quickly these classes have helped to expand my meditation practice. It has shifted my family dynamic. It’s changed how I’m moving through the world. It’s subtle but it’s noticeable. It really has beautifully complemented the many meditation practices I already knew.  I’m amazed and appreciative and grateful to have had this experience not only to work with them as teachers but with this wonderful group of other meditation practitioners as well. I’m hooked so I will be a regular!


I enjoyed the group video classes very much—Jan and Mariel make a great presentation team! Even though I couldn’t fully participate because my physical health is really poor right now, class was a helpful and healing experience for me. I’m looking forward to the next series.


The “skillful means” Dr. Jan and Mariel teach have opened, widened, and deepened my meditation practice in unexpected ways. A whole new world is opening up for me, allowing me to stay present and aware even when I find myself in challenging circumstances. Before this, my experience over seven years of meditation practice was occasional moments of progress sandwiched between long stretches of stagnation. Participating in the Modern Meditation School has changed this. It’s so wonderful and tangible. It’s not in la la land, it’s real. It’s experiential and it changes life in subtle but profound ways. I would strongly recommend the Modern Meditation School for anybody who aspires to an embodied experience of the spiritual dimension in everyday life.


Thanks for spreading your wisdom! Jan and Mariel complement each other beautifully. Who doesn’t love a mom-daughter team that shares so much light!


Over time, there will be additional workshops and classes offered that focus on the topics where we want to go more in depth.

Discover how to incorporate Awareness Meditation and energy practices into your relationships through extending to another and being in oneness.

Discover how to move the lower energies up and encourage the kundalini energy to rise.

Through Skillful Means techniques, learn how to activate healing channels for yourself and others.

Explore radiant and blissful states through Tibetan gazing practices. 

Learn how to cultivate the groundedness of Being to embody your authentic Self.

Practical uses will be part of each session, as will Q&A.